Teresa Walding BSN, RN, NC-BC

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Creating the Life you Want


I am so glad you’re here!


If you are like most people you would like to stop having so many thoughts about what is wrong with us, our families, our job, our world, and..

Start creating the life you have always dreamed of.

You are in the right place.


Hi there!

I’m Teresa, your nurse coach.  I believe that every person deserves to live their best life possible.  Whether it is better health, better relationships or better life I am here to serve you.


I coach through the lens of the Principles of Resilience.  These Principles are the foundation of human mental life. There is a logic built into human mental experience. When you insight-fully see the actual moment in time where your thought is creating your life, everything changes.  This one insight has the power to help you to create the life you want.





Throughout history brilliant thinkers have thought deeply about why some people are mentally healthy and others are not.


We have studied behaviors and mental illness in depth. Meticulously documented those behaviors and come up with a diagnosis that then needs to be treated. The only problem is that not everyone needs or wants to be treated. But, one thing we can all agree on is that we want the best life possible.


The truth is that we were never broken. We just thought we were. When we are able to have the insight that we are always living in the feeling of our thinking, we can also see the way out.


The wonderful thing about an insight (a sight from within) is that it is tailor made just for you! Insights are profound to each person in ways that cannot be explained with words, it is a feeling, a knowing that affects every aspect of our being. When an insight changes a person on that level, we have now experienced truth, and...

Truth sets us free

How I Can Help You

In a coaching relationship there is a bond or connection that is not like other relationships. A coach is invested in helping you find your insights. Know that when an insight comes it is a time for celebration because it has deep meaning for many aspects of your life.

The coach is the witness to this experience and helps the client validate their experience. Being able to have conversations about such things is not common. But it can be,


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There are many people who have unexplained chronic pain. If you have tried everything and have no serious injury or diagnosis this offering is for you. The Principles ...
Releasing Chronic Pain
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Learn through logic how The Principles of Resilience reveals your innate health and resilience. When this is revealed to you through insight, everything changes. ...
One On One Coaching
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